Hickory Seeds


Original Fiction

Author's Note 1: I couldn't think of a title, so I put a couple random words


Author's Note 2: This is written for my Love. I'm actually not sure yet if

I'm going to post it. I think I added a few more warnings than you listed,

Love. I didn't think you'd mind.


Warnings: Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Pedophilia, S&M, Rape, PWP, Bondage, Voyeurism,

Exhibitionism, Spanking(Would that go under S&M?) I think I got it all...


Chapter One


"Two thousand. That's the lowest I'm going for any of them."

Someone sighed in the darkness that surrounded the dim lights. Callie lifted

his head from where it lay against the smoothe metal floor.

"Well, let me see what you have first."

The young boy blinked at the shadowed figures that emerged into the dim

light. He sat up on his knees, making his chain rattle. Someone else heard

it, and sat up too. The rattling rose and died again as the others followed

their lead. The young man who wasn't the Master peered in through the bars at


"Best you can get around here, with that new law. Keeps us from keeping and

selling them." The Master informed the man. Callie blinked languidly at both

of them. He laid back against the cage bars and watched the man, just like

the Master had taught them. Some of them still had scars from learning it the

hard way. Those who had known freedom before. Callie was a good boy. The

Master had practically raised him. He'd been only six when he had been

rescued from being hung for stealing apples. Before that, his life had been

hell, stealing and hiding, being beaten by others bigger than he. He didn't

remember any of that now. Seven years of being with the Master had erased all

his bad memories.

"Would you like to check him out?" The Master asked. Callie slipped a small

hand down his naked chest to touch himself. The man licked his lips, suddenly

unsure of what he was doing.

"He's a good boy, Callie. He likes just about anything. And if he doesn't,

he damn well acts like it."

Callie switched to sit on his knees. He strained gently against the chain to

lick the bars slowly for the Master's new friend. The Master pulled out the

key and opened the cage's lock with a snap. Callie stopped licking the bars

and slipped over to rub his head against the Master's legs.

"Yes, he's a good boy..." The Master pushed him firmly onto his back. Callie

went willingly and spread his legs. His Master stroked his soft chest for a

moment, and he purred. "Want to check him out?" He repeated to the other.

Callie switched his attention to him and licked his lips. He put his arms

above his head and gave the man a look he knew well that no one could resist.

"Y...Yes..." Still unsure.

"Or would you like to watch?" The Master strode over to another cage. The

boy in this one cringed away from him. If he hadn't had a bit tied in his

mouth, he surely would have bitten the man. As it was, he tried to yank away

from the man's grasp. The Master pulled a whip from his pocket, and the boy

stopped resisting. He stared at the object with frightened eyes.

"It's too late to think about it now, Cale. Maybe next time you'll be

smarter." As he spoke, he shoved the boy up against the stone wall. With the

hand not pinning the boy, he brought the whip down on his already scarred

back. He jerked, and the others could tell he was trying to stay still.

"Okay, boy. Are you going to try anything again?" He pulled Cale back by the

bit to face him. He shook his head gently. His "No, Master." Was barely


"Good. Now get on your knees and stay there." Cale complied as the Master

removed the bit and returned to his friend.

"Cale never was able to be trained. By me or anyone. His father sold him to

us when he was much too old." He shook his head.

"But he'll do for this, and he needs to be punished further anyway... Callie,

please." Callie knew what he was talking about, even if he didn't say it.

Cale stiffened and looked away from the boy approaching him. Callie almost

felt bad for him. He wrapped his small arms around the older, but smaller,

boy's stomach and licked the back of his neck. He could already feel his

erection against the other boy's back. It had been forming since the Master

had appeared with the new man. He always got to be an example for the new

ones. Making sure to face the Master's friend as much as possible, he laid

down on the cold floor and took the other's balls in his mouth, sucking them

gently. He reached a hand down to play with himself as he did so. Cale

shivered, but tried to remain otherwise emotionless.

"I know you like it, Cale." He purred after freeing his mouth for a moment.

He moved further upward to lick the boy's cock. These were the only times he

spoke aloud.

"Hn." Cale shivered again.

Callie pulled himself up onto his knees behind Cale.

"Master said I should punish you." He bit the boy's shoulder sharply. "And I

intend to. It doesn't have to be a bad punishment..." He pressed himself into

the small of his back again. The friction felt good, but he was going to have

more. He reached a hand down to stroke Cale's back and slid it lower until he

was pressing a finger into him. The smaller boy gasped quietly and shifted.

A second one joined the first. Callie had entirely forgotten that his

Master's friend stood only a few feet away, watching their every action.

Without warning to the other boy, he quickly pulled his hand away and pushed

his hard cock into the space previously occupied by his fingers.

Cale cringed and tried to pull away. Callie sighed to himself. No matter how

many times the Master took him, it always hurt him just as much as ever. He

held the boy firmly in place with an arm around his chest and forced him to

sit still while he slid the entire thing into him.

"Mmm..." He pulled out halfway and pushed back in again. Cale whimpered

beneath him, but took the violation without any other complaint. He did it

again, pulling almost all the way out this time and shoving back in. It

always felt good, these few times he was allowed to be the dominant one. It

was usually the other way around. The Master liked to take him, or watch him

be fucked by one of the others. He didn't mind. He liked knowing that the

Master's eyes were on him, and that it turned him on. He purred as they

violated him, sometimes two at once. One taking him from the back, the other

in his mouth.

These thoughts were turning him on even more. It was difficult, but he was

determined to make Cale come when he did. It was already working, he could

tell, but it wasn't enough yet. He leaned forward to bite his shoulder again

even as he snaked a hand down to touch him.

He could feel the boy's resistance break away as he gripped his erection and

began to stroke it in time with his thrusts.

"You want it, Cale..." He purred into the other's ear. "Just give in..."

Cale moaned.

"Say my name, Cale. Say it. Tell me you want it."

He resisted for perhaps another few seconds. Callie concentrated on the feel

of his cock sliding in and out of the tight passage as he waited for the boy

to submit.

"P...Please. Callie..."

"Please what?" He purred, squeezing the other lightly.

"Please... Fuck me harder. Make me come..." He was embarassed to have voiced

such a request, but at the moment it was what he really wanted.

"Sure thing." Callie pushed him down onto his hands and proceeded to pick up

the pace, slamming into him again and again, playing with his now very erect


"Callie... I...Ah..." Cale arched his back against the other and pushed back

to meet the final thrust before they both came, Cale over Callie's hand,

Callie inside of Cale.

"Nn..." Callie bit into Cale's shoulder to stifle his cry.

They remained in position for a moment, panting heavily. Then Callie slipped

from Cale and licked away some of the cum that ran out at his removal, as

well as that had been spilled over his hand.

"Nice. Very nice." The Master's friend muttered in appreciation.

Cale sat down firmly on the cold floor. He had forgotten everything for the

past few moments. Now he felt hot and cold and sore and violated and

embarassed. Callie kissed his forehead gently, but he didn't pull away.

They looked up as they heard the Master returning.