Not by Innocent Eyes


Author's Note: The youngest brother looks a lot like my friend Sean... Hence

his name. I don't think Sean would appreciate that if he ever happens to

read this... And Kevin looks a lot like Yoji from Weiss Kreuz.

Warnings: Yaoi, incest, bondage, fisting(Hope you already know what that is

because I'm not explaining...) lemon, and PWP. I think that's it...

Another Author's Note: Heh. Alone time.


"Kevin! Help, get her away from me!" Kevin looked up from his book as Sean,

his younger brother, made a flying leap behind the park bench.

He raised an eyebrow.

"She's crazy, man... Won't leave me alone..."

Kevin looked up again as a girl walked into the park. She hadn't spotted them

yet, but it was only a matter of a couple minutes before she did. Even though

she probably wouldn't recognize him, Sean wasn't exactly well concealed.

"What do you want me to do." He pretended to be reading his book again.

"I don't knoooow..." Sean whimpered with his face against the wooden planks.

"I have an idea. Get up here."

When Gracie walked into the park in search of her runaway boyfriend, she

didn't see him at first. She was looking for a single person, probably in one

of his dumb hiding places that never really hid him. She paused at the top of

the small hill for a moment, scanning the people playing on the grass. That

was when she saw him, and she lost her breath. He was kissing another girl!

She felt her fists clench. Fine, if that was how he wanted it, fine!

She pounded down the concrete path to stop in front of the bench and scowl

at the couple, who didn't even seem to notice her appearence.

"Okay Sean, I get it! Go out with some other girl. Fine! We're through!"

And she stormed off in her own little cloud of hatred.

Sean pushed Kevin away from him to watch her retreating form and wipe his

mouth on his sleeve.

"Jesus, that was close. Heh. She thought you were a girl. Thanks, man."

Being one the skinny side with longish brown-blonde hair, Kevin really did

look like a girl if you didn't see his face.

Sean looked over at his brother, who was leaning forward toward him again.

"Anytime." He whispered, and caught the boy's mouth in another kiss.


/My brother... Is kissing me. He's... And it's not to scare off a girl this

time!/ Sean didn't react for a long moment, as he was too surprised. By the

time he could speak again, Kevin had pulled away.

"What... Why..." He stumbled over his words.

"See you at home." Was all he got in reply as Kevin left him alone on the

park bench.

"Bloody... Why? What...."

XXA few hours laterXX

Sean grumbled as he rubbed his head. Stupid kids. They did that on purpose,

throwing their frisby at his head...

The front door was unlocked, which was a good thing because he had somehow

lost his key the day before.

He was pulling a Pepsi out of the fridge when he heard sounds from upstairs.

Sounded like Jason was home too. That was too much noise for just Kevin to

make. He really needed Jason's help on his Math homework. Jason was a real

wiz when it came to numbers. He stalked slowly up the stairs, sipping his

Pepsi occasionally. He didn't want to draw Kevin's attention. He had probably

been making fun of him earlier. Just because his relationships with girls

never worked out...

There was a loud thump sound from Jason's room, and Sean hesitated at the

door, fist paused mid knock.

"I told you not to do that." Kevin said inside.

Great, wonderful. Now he would have to either talk to that jerk or do his

math on his own. He weighed the choices and decided an angry Ms.Nikols was

worse than being around Kevin (The jerk). Once again, he raised a fist to

knock on the door.

There was a brief silence inside, then Kevin seemed almost to purr, "Come in,


Sean opened the door, looking down at his worksheet.

"Jason, I was wondering if you could help me on..." He looked up and

instantly turned red. There was shocked silence for a moment as his mind

tried to compute what was going on. Kevin slipped behind him to lock the


"You're just in time, kiddo. We were waiting for you, but I had just decided

that you probably weren't going to show at all."

"What are you..."

Jason was not only naked, but tied up with some sort of black string that

looked like leather straps. He looked back at the shocked boy with serene

brown eyes.

Behind him, Kevin snapped the rubber gloves off.

"I just finished prepping him..." He purred and stalked to crouch in front of

their brother.

"And I think he liked it." He added, rubbing the head of the boy's obvious

erection. Jason drew in a sharp breath, still watching Sean with a sort of

detached interest.

"I... I don't know what... What are... You can't... I..." Sean stumbled over

his words, not knowing what to say or do. This couldn't be happening.

"Kevin and I have been talking over your difficulties with girls, and we

figure, if you're going to end up gay, we might as well give you a head


This pissed Sean off, and he glared at his brother.

"I'm not gay!"

"So your problems with girls..."

"I'm not a fucking fag, okay?"

He felt horrible as Jason looked away from him with a sad look in his eyes.

"I mean... I don't..."

Yep. Now he felt horrible.

Kevin didn't appear to notice.

"We've been doing this for a while now. Jason's too afraid to ask anyone

else. You wouldn't believe what homophobes will do to a guy." He seemingly

absently rolled his sleeves up and revealed several nasty scars. Sean knew

better. It was further punishement for his fag comment.

"So as I was saying, we've decided to let you join us. If you'd like to, of


Kevin knelt to kiss the side of the bit of leather between Jason's lips.

Sean stood in the akward silence, unsure of what to say. Either way, he was

doomed to something. Well, it wasn't as though this would go outside the

room, right? He had to make it up to Jason, and anyway, it didn't sound too

bad. He had figured out a long time ago that he might be gay. Right around

the time his fourth girlfriend accused him of staring at the male waiter too

much. Actually, she had seemed more pleased than pissed. Creepy girl.

"Allright." Kevin took his time standing back up, but swung around to grin

at his little brother as soon as he had regained his feet.

"Right. Now, the key to this is lots of lube..."

Sean was relieved to see that Jason was blushing too at Kevin's bluntness.

"Kevin, I don't know what you're..."

"Oh, right! A virgin. I forgot."

Sean reluctantly nodded. It wasn't as though they would believe him if he

lied. Kevin pressed a tube of lubricant into his palm.

"Spread this on your hand, all the way up to the elbow. This is called

fisting. It's going to be a first to all of us, so it's okay. Don't worry."

Sean did as he was told, wiping the goo up his arm to his elbow. Kevin knelt

again to press several more kisses to the leather in Jason's mouth.

"Now, do as I tell you, allright?"

Sean nodded, not believing he was doing this, and to his own brother.

"Take your forefinger and push it into his... Ummm..."

Sean couldn't help but smile as for once in his life, Kevin was ashamed to

say something. He knelt and complied to his unsaid order, enjoying the feel

of Jason shudder and tighten around him.

"Now the second and third ones..." Kevin whispered into his ear as he knelt

behind him.

He did this too.

"Now... Slowly push your whole hand in. Gently."

Jason's muffled moans were getting to him by this time, and his pants were

making him feel quite uncomfortable. He gasped as Kevin's hand closed around

his erection.

"Sean... Would you like to feel some of what Jason is?"

Sean nodded blanky, overcome by the sensation of his arm being inside his

brother and his other brother gripping him.

"I'm going to take you, little brother. I'm going to fuck you until you come

on him. And then he's going to lick it up like a good slave, right Jason?"

Jason whimpered and nodded.

"He likes the taste of cum." Kevin explained as he unzipped their pants.

"Let me have some of that. There. Yes... He likes it better when I come in

his mouth than when I come in his ass. He does like that last one, though.

Just not quite as much. He begs me to come in his mouth." Sean felt Jason

twitch at the words as it turned him on further.

"Now... As soon as I'm inside you, move your arm in and out of him. It's like

you're fucking him with your arm. It's like having someone's huge ass cock

up his ass. He loves it already. Can you tell?" Jason was nearly purring now.

Sean felt Kevin's fingers penetrate his ass and spread the goo around. They

stretched him. It hurt, being a virgin and all, but it felt good after a

moment. Then the head of Kevin's cock pressed against his opening, and he

gasped as his brother slid in.

"Ah... Kevin..." He gasped. It was agonizing, and Kevin stopped where he was.

Sean took a deep breath and willed all of his muscles to relax.


"Are you sure?"


"Okay." Kevin slid the rest of the way in, and he gasped. It was a strange

feeling. Like something was going in backwards. Slick and hard. It was a

moment before he remembered that he was supposed to be doing something.

Jason began to purr again as he moved his arm.

"Yes, he was a born sub. The leather makes it even better. He loves to feel

like he's a captive, and it turns me on too. It's like I'm taking something

I'm not supposed to have." Kevin thrust into him again and again, a little

harder and faster each time.

Kevin kissed the back of his neck and reached down to stroke his rock hard

cock. Precum was gathering on the tip already.

"Remember I want you to come on him." Kevin looked into Jason's eyes as he

slowly mouthed the words. "Little whore."

"Suck his cock, Sean. Taste it. Please."

Sean had to think about the order for a moment, then when he understood the

words he leaned down to lick the precum off the tip of his erection. Jason

shuddered and thrust up into his mouth. He responded by sucking hard.

"Mmm... Yes..." Kevin purred deeply. "Oh god, I'm going to..." Sean felt him

shudder, and he didn't need to complete his sentence. He knew fully what he


Jason shuddered and clenched around Sean's arm as he came in his mouth. Sean

nearly choked on the cum, not expecting the strong taste, but managed to

swallow it all. He couldn't take any more, and came on Jason and Kevin's

hand. He felt Kevin shudder and, even though he couldn't feel it, knew that

he had come inside him.

They sat panting for a long moment before Kevin pulled his now limp cock out

of Sean's ass and Sean's arm out of Jason. He numbly untied Jason and pulled

the two boys close to him after watching Jason wipe the cum up with his

fingers and lap it off with relish. Sean could barely keep his eyes open,

and he sagged against the other two.

"Yeah, who needs friends when I have you two." Kevin sighed into Jason's

hair. He somehow managed to get all three of them back to Jason's bed before

they fell asleep, sticky and exhausted.


Heh. First ever complete yaoi incest lemon! Now to find a place to post it...

FP.Net will get pissed and ban me if I put it there. Heh. Maybe it's worth

the risk, though. For God's sake, if you read and liked this, DON'T TURN ME