Authors Note: Just something I wrote a couple of weeks ago to get across a simple fact – I'll listen to anyone at anytime. Especially my friends.

* * * * * * *

Just Sort of There

There are times when I can see you thinking,
there's times when I can hear your thoughts.
When the silence makes me smile,
Whispered words float to my mind,
And mixed up.
But they all make perfect sense to me.

Soothing sounds on a tuneless note;
I can feel you,
Describe you standing
If I had to.
I'm not next to you sighing,
I don't have to be.
You're not pressing your mouth against my ear,
But I can still hear your voice.

I'm listening,
I always listen,
Always pay you attention,
Take in your prayers,
Sort out between what you mean,
And what you don't.
There are no words to be heard for you're not talking,
But I'm listening anyway.