Like the dragon's breath
Your life in hot and vengeful
So many problems out-weighing the good
So little good to defie the worlds against you
You have so many paths to take you away from these theoretical sin
Which one will you choose?
Your choice lies within...
Within your soul
Within your grasp
Within your hearts stretching reach
I know you'll choose what really makes you happy
What is really best for you
You've come so far since the demons tore you apart
What happened in between I know you feel in your heart
Your sadness shows in your eyes,
In your every move and speech
I can't tell you what to do
I cannot even suggest
It's been almost a year now
And the scars on your spirit still show
They'll never really fade
But it's really up to you.
Do you you feel
Is the best thing for you
Hold your head up high, carry out your wishes
They'll never really hold you down, no matter how they try...