Beyond the night.
Pale winter's cold embrace
Turns white the greenest green
And in the night.
Like glass
Snow shimmers in light
As it slowly melts
It turns once again
Back to water

Beyond the day,
Children call out to play
They sled down a hill
They build funny snowman
Or a funny snow family
The cold turns their faces red
And they go inside
Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate
Made by those who love them

Beyond the evening
Animals make their appearance
And show their faces to the world
The deer come out and play
The birds sing ever so sweetly
The squirrels and chipmunks
Forage for food
And steal from the bird feeders
The bugs make no sign of movement
Frozen beneath the snow

Beyond the morning
Everything starts to wake again
Children and adults alike open their eyes
And see the snow slowly disappearing
Melting into the ground as it waits for next time
The animals return to their hiding places
Wondering when it will be white again
What becomes of the snow once it melts?
The answer of course would be.