Tamekah Saunders sat in the window seat in the girls' room of the orphanage, hugging her knees to her chest. She sighed softly and laid her head on her knees, staring outside. It was a nice day, even in spite of the rain that had fallen that morning. A rainbow had formed as it had stopped raining and the colours shown brilliantly. Quite a day to be in a blue mood, Tamekah thought sarcastically. She had been going through some of her old things, all that she had left of her childhood, when she found a drawing she had made when she was around six years old. The drawing featured she and her twin brother, Tavish, with their arms wrapped around them, their parents standing behind them. Everyone had great smiles on their faces and even in the amateur drawings of her six-year-old creative mind she could feel the love drawn into the picture. Just one short year after she had drawn that picture, her parents had been killed while on vacation. They had been taking a second honeymoon of sorts and were involved in a violent car crash that left several dead. Tamekah and Tavish had been left with their grandmother, who was quite elderly. When it was discovered that their parents had been among those killed, the two had been placed in foster care. Their grandmother was their last living relative, and she was in situation to care for two young children for any great length of time.

That had been the beginning of their journey through the system. Not since the day that their parents had died had Tamekah and Tavish experienced a real family situation. The various foster families they stayed with in the two years after their parents deaths were not kind to them and forced them to do harsh labour around the house and, being that most of them were in rural areas, on the farms from dawn to dusk. When it finally came out that they were being mistreated, they were put into an orphanage. Tavish and Tamekah loathed the orphanage and ran away. Tavish knew that his parents had left a large sum of money to the children in the event that anything were to happen to them, but he had been trying to put off using it for as long as possible. The two children, then only eight years of age, had found a small town where they could rent a tiny cottage for a very small amount of money. They stayed there, alone and unbothered, until shortly before their twelfth birthday, when their funds finally ran out.

Despite their hatred of the places, they were forced to go to an orphanage. After visiting several and finding them unsatisfactory, they decided upon a nice one by the name of Serenity Island Orphanage. While they were getting used to the idea of staying in an orphanage, they also had to find work. Tavish found work assisting an architect, and Tamekah assisting a rather large family who had need of someone who could clean and baby-sit. They had been there barely two weeks, and were having a hard time adjusting to being apart from each other for long periods of time while they were working. Today was one of those days. Tamekah was left on her own, as she did not work today, while Tavish was working. It was rather unlucky that she came across the drawing at this time. Silent tears made their way down her cheeks, and her green eyes, normally bright and vibrant, had lost their brilliancy.

She was drawn from her thoughts as a noise behind her alerted her to the presence of another. The door was creaking open very slowly.

"Meka?" Tamekah couldn't help but smile in spite of her tears as she turned to see who it was and heard her brother's voice. She should have known, only he would enter the room so hesitantly. "I'm back." He entered the room, but paused as he caught sight of her, "What's wrong? Are you all right?" He walked to her side and draped his arm across her shoulder, giving her a slight squeeze.

"I.. I was looking through my old things, Tav." She gave him a watery smile, "I found that." She pointed to the drawing.

"Oh, Meka.." Tavish sighed, catching sight of the picture. "Come here." He pulled his twin sister closer to himself and embraced her tightly. "I know you miss them, sis. I do, too. But things are going to be okay, you'll see. We're going to make it. We're going to be out of here soon and back on our own." He grinned, "Before too long, we'll be able to have our own families and we can give our own kids the absolute best!"

Tamekah hugged her brother back, and a smile crossed her features at his words. "You're right, Tav. We're all the family we need right now." And one day, we will be complete once more, she thought to herself.

[A/N:] Allow me to explain myself, hmm? This little snipped was based off of a character I role-play on a game called Furcadia. (furcadia.com if you're interested!) My friend Ian and I decided one night that we should role-play a set of twins, and Tamekah and Tavish Saunders are the result of that. We created their past, and this snippet is a story that sort of 'brings it to life', I guess. Hope you enjoyed. Please review if you did, and even if you didn't!! :) Thanks! ~CM