It happened an age ago last week
Sitting innocently on a rusted swing
Scraping my feet on the concrete carpet
A shadow fell over me
Feeling a chill spread over my body
Unlike I'd felt before
I looked up at my savior
Clad in ripped jeans and a sweatshirt
The best armor I'd seen for a knight
Seeing the sneer on his face
I started put up the wall around my mind
My source of protection from the world
He tore it down with bare hands
And stood me on my feet
Trembling slightly, but ready for the blow to come
Instead I felt his hand taking mine
Rough, laced with smooth scars, sporting
A spiked black wrist cuff
To me, it was perfect in the oddest way
Who he was didn't matter at all
Where we walked didn't matter
He actually paid attention to me
Cared I existed, didn't overlook me
Just like so many have
I didn't know there could be a person like him
Or I could meet anyone that could tolerate
My insanity, and paranoid drivel
With a single finger on my lips
He hushed me and my worries
Whispering to me he name
Letting it slip like a precious secret
Only I could know
His eyes sparkled mischievously
And his hair fell into my eyes
Looking up at him
A stranger I barely know
Yet I feel I know so much
About him already
He didn't walk past me
Like others have
We're one of the same
Rebels without a cause
Him with his dyed hair and chains everywhere
Me with my patch covered cut offs
Society can't handle us
Walking together, laughing and talking
Yin and Yang of the ecletic sort
Coming together to be as one
The oddest Cinderella story you've ever heard