My Soul

By Goth-girl1

My mind

Untamed fields

Stormy beach

Passionate rain

Destructive fires

Misplaced spirit

The Book of Shadows

Open on my desk

Blank page

Margin waning

Lost words

Whispered confusion

The Wand

Lying on my altar

Pick it up?

Or leave it be?

Tainted magick

Enchanted loss

The altar

Sitting in my room

Energy flowing round

Devote to it?

Or ignore it?

Just to find it again…

The pentacle

Hanging from my neck

Protecting my every move

Wear it?

Or remove it?

Can I have it back?

The Lady

Goddess of the moon

Watching over all

Speak to Her

I want to

But what should I say?

The Lord

God of the sun

And of the hunt


I want to

But where to lead my thoughts


Still within and around

As above so below

Search for it?

I've tried…

And don't know where to start


Still possible, I suppose

I'm no different

Embrace it?

I hope to…

When I know what to say