The Lovely Sarah McCart
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Tuesday,February the 24th that a good
Friend of a beautiful female techno artist named Rachel Hood
Had arrived in the city of New Orleans in time
For Mardi Gras and discovered that she's got no dime
To her name.That--of course--is not very good.

But that was before she had met Rachel's new friend,
A millionaire socialite named Nicholas Legrand,who helps Rachel end
Her financial troubles by allowing her to stay rent free
At a studio apartment and work on her artistic creativity.
Which means that Nicholas is able to help his friends.

Anyway,Nicholas had looked at Rachel's old friend,Sarah McCart
And saw her as a beautiful woman who loves art
And has invited her to join him and Rachel at
A studio that was featuring art by Nicholas' friend,Pat
McGee,who has been a good influence on Rachel's art.

Just then,as soon as they've arrived at the exhibit,
Nicholas was able to speak a few words about it--
Calling it the most magnificent collection of truly artistic masterpieces
Ever assembled and saying that they were able to please
T eyes of the critics who were viewing the exhibit.

And then,after a few hours of enjoying the art
Of Pat McGee,Nicholas has invited the lovely Sarah McCart
To join him at his penthouse apartment for a nightcap.
After she said 'yes',they both left the gallery trap
And gone over to where Rachel got her artistic start.

Just then,after a few drinks,Nicholas placed his hands
On Sarah's hips and kissed her right where they stand.
A few minutes later,after they've moved into the bedroom,
Removed all of their clothes and laid on the bedroom
Floor,they've started enjoying pure,untamed erotica that's on hand.

The next day,after they had woken up and looked
At each other,they've realized that a certainly different hook
Has been placed in front of them--that of pure
Love--and they've realized that one thing was for sure--
They both love the ones that they had just hooked.

A couple of hours later,Sarah had returned to Rachel's
Studio apartment and Rachel noticed that Sarah's got to tell
Her about the fantastic night that she had with Nicholas.
And after she had told Rachel about her sexual blast,
Sarah had also realized that her life has gone well.

Just then,after the Mardi Gras celebration was over with,
Nicholas has invited Sarah to join him to go with
His good friends,Barbara Sagen and David Loest to San
Francisco for some heavy duty partying with 'Mr. Action',Stan
Jensen,who was truly a fun guy to be with.

As soon as they had arrived at San Francisco and
Checked themselves into their hotel room,the merry little band
Had gone over to Stan's place and partied like it
Was 1979 all over again.And then,just as it
Had suddenly kicked into overdrive,Nicholas asked for Sarah's hand.

And after she had said 'yes' to the proposal,Nicholas
And Sarah kissed each other on the lips--and alas,
They had gotten married a year later in a nice
Little church and lived happily ever after in a nice
Neighborhood,which was somewhere within the outskirts of Los Angeles.