Trapped inside this insanity
Trying to climb over the wall I've built
To shield myself from the world
Hiding the pain and anger
From showing in my eyes
I try to hide it from the world
Feeling the tears burn
Rolling down my cheeks
Desolation and heartbreak are the things I know best
Mocked and ridiculed as long
As I can remember
I'm searching
Searching for a life better then this
Am I so blind from the tears
I can't see it standing right infront of me?
Standing with toes over an abyss
Poised to spring with heart racing
Jumping I hit the pavement
It's all in my head
Dark spirits and evil thoughts
Wind their way into my soul
Fighting to resurface
Gasping for air wondering if there's anyone to help
Help me from my own concoction of despair
Smiles make me feel foolish
My jaw muscles are filled with lead
Paranoid psychotic mutterings
Slip from my chapped lips
Surely no one could convert this satan's child
With sad eyes and wavy hair
Scaring off all who pass the white line
Am I bound to live a life alone
In my bedroom, staring at the blank ceiling
Just waiting for the opportunity
This devil's advocate wants free
From the fires of hell
To open my bloodshot eyes
Crack open the window
And breath the first breath of my life