~The Witness of a Murder~

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*WARNING* Highly graphic violent content and course languages.

It was like any other night, dead quiet, serene, and peaceful, yet my worst vision within the fifteen years of my life, the witness of murder, drew upon me. The scene played over and over again. I will never be able to forget the image of the blood, the flesh…

A high-pitched shriek woke me up in the middle of the night. I tried to open my eyes, but my sleepy eyelids didn't listen to me. Just as I was about to go back to sleep, I heard another heartbreaking shriek. Why won't they just shut up? I thought. Finally, I used all my strength to sit up on the bed and listened. It was quiet again; the only source of sound came from my heartbeat and my breathing. Bang!! Curiosity led me off my bed. I tiptoed my way toward the door, try to be as quiet as possible. As I reached the door of my dorm, I carefully turned my doorknob, trying my best not to make a sound. The door squeaked open. My whole body froze instant I stepped out of my dorm. I wanted to go back in, yet it was too late.

"You fucking bitch! Get lost!! Or else I will kill you!!" The man shouted with his eyes full of anger.

"You bastard! Sure, go ahead and kill me! Kill me and let the whole world know what a god damned fucking bastard you are!!" A female voice screamed back with so much agony in her voice.

Neither of them seemed to realize my existence. Before I knew it, the man pulled out a gun and aimed at her chest. He didn't hesitate for another second, once click, the bullet zoomed in front of my eyes and shot right into her left chest. Crimson liquid burst out of the opening immediately. Just one last twinge on her face, then she fell, helplessly down on her knees. Her hair flew behind her. A once charmed face shattered into pieces. Blood streamed down her arm, drip… drip… so pungent, unable to stop.

Suddenly I sat straight up on my bed. Tears still shimmering in my eyes. My sheets were soaked from my sweet. My tangled and wet hair fell on my back. I stared out of the window emotionlessly. It was dead quiet in the night. My heart was racing. My whole world shattered since that day. Four years, I wasn't able to forget about the instant that the bullet shot into her chest; wasn't able to forget about the blood that was pouring out; wasn't able to forget about the last painful groan she made… I never did, and I never will!

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