California Dreaming

I remember it now
As if it were
Sitting there
On top of the hill
Staring across the bay
At the Golden Gate Bridge
So why's it red?
Across the country
Far from home
I'm all alone
I remember the other day
The bustling people
The busy crowds
Seemed everyone had a tan
Well I can't believe
How peaceful it is
On the island
Over here
Across the Golden gate bridge
It's lovely here
But it's not the same
As being back home
I've got no friends
A room that's not like mine
Well sitting on this hill
Staring across the bay
I feel like I'm at home
Can't wait to go home
This isn't the state
That's fit for me
I lye back
Staring up as clouds pass
Over the moon
Wondering if
My friends back home
Are watching the same clouds
Pass over the moon
Wishing I were back there
My cell phone is dead
Recharger is back in the car
Disconnected from
Everything I know
I feel alone
And scared
Everything is strange
I miss my home
It's beautiful here
But it's just not PA
Big time crowds
Just aren't for me
And the San Francisco bay
Just isn't the same
Sitting in the car
Listening to the only thing
I brought from home
An old AHF CD
Well California
Just isn't for me
Sitting on the beach
Teens all around
Everyone just ignores me
A East Coast kid
Mixed in
With this West Coast crowd
They don't talk about the things
I talk to with my friends
I just sit there
Waiting for this week
To finally end
Can't wait
For everything to be
normal again
Missing PA
Hundreds of miles
From home
And all alone