Inside, Outside

You know me on the outside,
Baggy clothes and scarred,
But you can't see the inside,
You can't see my heart.

You know the way my voice sounds,
You know the things I say,
But the voice inside my head,
Is hidden, far away.

You know the way my eyes look,
Deep blue, lost in it all,
But you don't know how I see things,
I see straight through your wall.

You know the way I function,
The way that I react,
But you don't know the real me,
My fragile soul is cracked.

You think you know the girl,
The one I never show,
Perhaps one day you'll see her,
And I'll let her move and grow.

You think that I am scared,
And that I live my life in fear.
You don't know the first thing,
About this person here.