Characters: David
Dr. Zigurd Frod

Scene 1: Therapist office (Dr. Frod is sitting in a chair facing David; David is lying on a couch facing away from Frod; the two are in the middle of a session.)

Frod (with a Austrian accent): David, you seem to be adjusting well, and you haven't had any recent episodes, but I'm still worried about you and ... the others.

David: Why are you still talking with that stupid accent?

Frod (drops Austrian accent and gains a Brooklyn accent): Sorry.

David: Why are you so worried, I can handle them, even without the medication.

Frod: Do you still see them?

David: (beat) Yes, they're almost always there, sometimes what they tell me sounds like good advice, but...

Frod: Do they all give good advice?

David: (laughs) No, (Corris enters from stage left and crosses to behind David) Corris is a constant rage, I can barely suppress him, especially when I get angry myself. (Gunner also enters and crosses to behind David) Gunner, well, he mostly wants me to destroy stuff, he usually sounds good after I've had to put up with idiots and Corris. (Tom enters and joins Gunner and Corris) Tom usually has sound advice, although he has a way with words so that he usually sounds good, I mostly have to examine every aspect of what he tells me.


Frod: Isn't there someone else?


David: I'd rather not talk about...Him.

Frod: Ok, we don't have to, besides our time is mostly up anyways, you have been making progress, please don't make me regret the evaluation I've already given you, David.

David: I'll try not to Doc. (David gets up from the couch and exits stage left followed by Corris, Gunner, and Tom)

Frod: Sometimes I worry about him. (Lights dim. End Scene 1)