In a little town not far from here
A girl wandered through the green
A bright little girl all dressed in blue
With eyes like water and hair like fire.
She was the daughter of the man
Who led us in heavenly prayer.
She was the perfect example,
While through the green she walked,
That looks can be deceiving
And innocence is often lost.
While through the green
The young girl went
All eyes turned to watch
The little sprite sing with glee
And a secret message in her song:

I am the one
Oh cried the witch
To bewitch all men
I am the one
That you should fear
Oh wife of honest sin

The men all turned and bowed their heads
Their cheeks a rosy pink
The women all looked
With much confusion
And curses on their lips.
But still the girl
She sang her song
And skipped to and fro
Verse on verse on verse
She sang her song
While all aglow:

I am the one
You should honor
In your house of prayer
And I am the one
Who can betray
With a cold hard stare

The men now certain of their fate
Turned a bright bright red
For most had heard of her gift
To bewitch good men.
They grabbed their wives
And tried to leave this place
Of tortured torment now.
But her laugh was so hypnotic
Not even the honest
Dared leave her presence.
The girl now held all in her grace
She could, with one flick,
Make them leave this place
But she wanted to play some more
With their little minds:

Oh such a silly song I sing
In the presence of you
You little witch
The townsmen cry,
You shall suffer for your deed.
But I just smile at you dear
And tell them our story

Before she could begin again
Her song of home destruction
Her father, oh great man he is,
Appeared at the door
Of the shop in the green
To by needed goods
And turned to her and smiled and said,
Let us go, my innocent little angel.