The Hunter From 2991
By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Oliver Berfield and had came
From 2991 to tack down a crook by the name
Of David Saakov,who had stolen a disk
Which contained a weapon that could risk
Our society and make sure nobody gets blamed.

As soon as I've arrived in this era of time,
I had found the one who had done the crime
Somewhere within the city of Chicago,
Where he had used the name of Hugo
Vestri and worked among other types of swine.

But then,just as I was about to put a hole
Through his skull,someone by the name of Kole
Taylor had grabbed my hand and stopped me
Before I was about to make Saakov see
The Grim Reaper within a very deep hole.

And then,after I've been beaten up at least
47 times and got thrown out by a large beast,
One true thought had just came to me:
That the worst job on Earth has got to be
A bounty hunter,as I've found out--at least.