By: Lissa Howe

I'm about to jump off a tall building,
Tears crawling down my cheek,
My eyes as red as fire, I leap.
Someone grabs me by the arm,
Pulling me back up to solid ground.
My fists pound on his chest,
He saved me from death, suicide,
A life of torture in hell.

He grabs my fists,
Puts my head against his chest.
I look up to see who saved me
But his face is covered by a black mask.
I push away, scared,
He reaches for me, I move back,
"Don't be scared," he said,
Grabs me, holds me once more,
He picks up a blanket
Wraps it around me,
Sits me down, then leaps away
I get to my feet.
"Wait, please," I yell "Wait!"
But he keeps on leaping away.

Will I ever see this man again?
Will I ever see his face?
Will he save me next time?

Edited by: Draconic Spirit