okay this poem makes no sense but i thought of it just now................its about a balloon.......

There is my friend Jimmie the balloon,
sitting there waiting to be played with.
Waiting for me to come home, he waits every day for me to come home.
But not today, i will not come home because this day will last forever.
So eventually the air that fills Jimmie up will seep away through a tiny hole,
and he will just lay there waiting for me, such a good friend he is.
But i will not come home today.
My mother will find him waiting on the floor and throw him away.
The garbage man will come and take Jimmie away,
wishing Jimmie was not deflated so he could give him to his son to play with.
And finally, when the everlasting day ends, i come home to find Jimmie gone.
I weep and think he is in a good place.
But he is not , he sits a top a half eaten hamburger,
still waiting and always will be waiting for me to come for him to play with him once again.

i have no idea why i wrote this or even thought of it for that matter..........anyway review if ya like