Twilight's Warning

I sat with Him on the deepest of nights,
On the outskirts of the forest ever burning
Hidden in plain sight,
Next to the wheel ever turning.

He spoke to me
His voice of the softest terror
Of crickets gone silent,
Of the death nell of a whippoorwill's lonely scream,
The pause between a moth's wing flaps.

The wheel, he explained,
Forever needs the light be brighted,
A source of life gone losing
Was the only power keep it moving.

The night stretched on forever
As he stated the intricates.

The wheel set by turning set by gear
set by moving set by engine set by
fire ever growing set by etcetera and etcetera
and etcetera still...

The voice continued unabated even as
the night stole his body from my sight.

My eyes growing weary,
closed now to the whisper of twilight.

I saw of things that should not be seen,
A darkest hunger, a greatest greed.
The wolves hounded my path unimpeded
Until it grew upon me that I now hunted alongside
In search of that which I was moments now receded.

Eyes bleeding terror, I screamed into the white.

Searching in vain with neither goal nor reason.
Even my plight was hidden, the scream no longer carried fear
Ordinary now as a blanket noise.

And ever through the infinity that nightly stranger
Hovered like a shroud
   Over the nothing,
   Over the all.

As suddenly a warmness covered my face,
Its hands a whisker of a cat, the caress of a forgotten.

My eyes opened now onto the glow of dawn.
Him that had stood like the monolith was hidden from sight.
Surrounded unknown but caring more than that which was formerly familiar.

I wiped the sleep away and left grateful,
that my journey may continue.

Turning only after a safe distance.

A shiver, A remembrance of the fear
Followed then,
   A long walk
      to home...