Want to know something

That you don't know

Yet you keep guessing

Whining, crying to know

I'm not going to tell you

I like it when you cry

I like it when you beg

I don't need to tell

You don't need to know

Just pretend you never knew anything

Just pretend you never heard these words

Don't speak, bottle it all up inside

They don't need your reason

They don't care

All your making is making it worse

Forsake it in your heart

Memories you hold

Drown them away

Drown them away in your seas of tears

You don't need to tell anyone of your tears

They'll dry up, no point of telling

Welcome pain, it's not like you never felt it

Pain can lead you to euphoria

In it's own little way

How it crawls inside of you

Tickling your flesh

Life doesn't hurt

If you don't care

If you think about

Build a block of ice

Protecting yourself from despair

Protect yourself from all

No one will love you

No one will understand you

Cause they haven't taste your blood

They haven't taste your curse blood

And how you shed your blood

No one cares

So why should you