Once I waited,
waited for the hopeless
waited for the once upon a time
waited for the never.
No longer do I wait
as I see all laid before me,
all I have ne'er seen.

Clouded through the midnight,
shuffled through the dark,
I shadow all that to extreme;
all that to tell of my laughter,
all that to show of my light,
all that to reveal my truest happiness
as greater than I wish.

Following a written scene,
letting darkness break
as brighter light shines through,
chipping down my barrier,
sever down my shields.
No longer light is hidden shame,
no longer dark is silent refuge.

Still I linger back in night,
reluctant to leave for day to come,
to let back all the shields,
to let back all the darkness,
to let back all the bitter.
But only spirit falls to light day,
body shadows back to night.

Contradiction of my want...