Snow White


Rai Kamishiro


Dark in the night Evil Eddie crawls, everyone knows.

The night is wet and the dirt is soft, so it's the best time to do this sort of thing. The grave watcher is silent tonight; he sleeps in the eternal embrace of his sweet mistress the night. He cannot stifle a mad giggle as it escapes from his wide split mouth, however, and almost drops the shovel. Luckily he catches it before he wakens anyone.

His master has been collecting parts for so very long now, and tonight would be the night of anticipation. If he messed up the punishment would be bad indeed, but if he succeeds. The thought is enough to dig another giggle out of him, hunched over in half in his own private joke.

Ah, but he's digressing. He needs to get to work, for even if the rain has helped his work, it is still work that must be quickly done. The first shovel full is easy; it slides from the metal eagerly as his useful tool of teeth grip the ground as if impatient to gaze upon the face of the recently deceased.

It is silent work, for there are none but Eddie who would wander in to the cemetery at night, even the usual necrophiliacs are absent tonight, for his frequent trips to this place of dead had warned them ahead of time that Evil Eddie's master would be highly displeased to find any desecrations going on. And his shovel, of course, was always a handy supplicant.

"Ah!" he cries happily as his beloved tool hits the wet wood with a nice crack. Quickly the remaining earth is slogged to the other side, and through careful application of the shovel the lid is cracked open and the rotting wood thrown aside.

"Hey little sister, you cold down there?" he asks with the merriment of the mad, grinning with his split face, before jumping down in to the grave. He carefully straps the shovel to his back, and equally gently carries the small corpse in to his arms, cooing little endearing things to the dead child. His bloodied hands carry over a bit onto her face, but he disregards it, as the rain will soon wash away even that.

He bends his powerful legs and leaps out of the grave, and cackling, speeds away in to the night.