I can't remember the last time,
I looked upon your face,
Without feeling remorse,
Without feeling hate.

I never new,
I could be hurt so much,
I never new of real pain,
But within your arms,
It did unfold,
Now it's my heart which has been slain.

The reminiscence of past hope,
Of past hope long left,
You were the one I truly loved,
But my love you never kept.

I never new,
I could feel like this,
It really does hurt me,
But I love you still,
Against my will,
I just wish I could be free.

But I remain caged up on false dreams,
Even though your love has left,
I only ever cry dry tears,
For there is nothing left to be wept.

I never new,
Love could hurt so much,
It's meant to be a fairytale,
But within the walls,
Of sweet dreams,
There is nothing such as frail.

So here I shall stay,
With hope all around,
Although it's bound and broken,
My voice shall remain sound.

I never realized,
How much I cried,
Until I looked into the mirror,
A tear streaked face
Starred back at me,
It was I who I feared.

I'm scared to hurt myself,
To give my self pain,
I only just realized,
How love could be so strange.

I never new,
Until that one fateful day,
I took a knife upon my skin,
How much you really loved me,
But it was too late,
My life did end.

By Siobhan
Date: 25/Febuary/2004