~Once the End~

Lying here on hardwood floors,
staring up at the ceiling
I just wait for something.
Anything to tell me
you haven't gone,
my world isn't ending.

I remember all the things you said,
all the times I listened.
The times I listened for your wisdom
for some shred of comfort
in this pitiful world
surrounding me.

I can see your glittering eyes,
can smell the gold red roses,
can taste the rainstorm's air,
can feel your gentle touch,
can hear the roaring winds,
can remember a time when you were here.

No longer can I fool myself
as I imagine life as it was.
The way it was before,
before your life hit deadline
is the way I want it all
to come back to us again.

I rest here all alone now,
wishing with all I have
for something to come and tell me
that the world is still here
that the world will go on
that you're here to make it live.

I'm wasting my life waiting for a lie...