Is the world as bad as it seems...? I noticed that, its not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise , it moves us along....but here is some scene that I will never forget.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the bus, and I was surrounded by many normal people. One of them was a beautiful black man, listening to some music, and in front of him there was a arabian mom, with both of her children on the other benches. She had a little girl and a little boy sitting next to eachother, fighting over some toy, but still smiling. Then, the mom asked them to stop and they stared silently in front of them for a little while. The little girl was looking at the beautiful black man. He gave her a wink, and she was surprised. Then, she tried to wink herself but she was unable to recreate the one of the beautiful black man, so he winked at her again, and now he alternated his winks using both of his eyes. She giggled, and tried to do the same, happy, but still competitive, she kept trying and trying but she didn't seem to get the hang of it. Then, he raised one of his eyebrows, and she kept trying to imitate him even if she knew it wasn't going to happen. When the man needed to leave, she was a little sad, and she asked to give him a hug . He accepted. And then he left.

While watching that scene, I was happy. It made the whole different to see people with different lifestyles, different races, and different beleifs to accept eachother, and have fun without worrying about what other people might think.

Please, don't be racist, it could ruin the only good thing the worlds got left.