~And I'm Wondering~

I promised you my nothing, I promised you forever,
I swore eternal, I never would cry.
You always did love me,
you always did care,
so tell me now, why;
why can you love me,
and why can you let me run free?

You hold my soul in your hands,
you, the only to rein my heart.
Never have I honored you,
never have I let you fly,
my sorry life knows only heartbreak;
my soul desires only freedom,
and you have shown me so much more.

Now in these hours of twilight,
I wonder only what may destroy you; should I leave?
You have to know, once, for everything,
my hands have stained with the blood of a thousand,
and none may ever come near me;
but I ask you in this twilight,
what will you do, should I die?