Dream Wanderer
I wander through your dreams
In and out of your mind
For I am the dream wanderer
Who tries to come back to reality
Not knowing what to find

Through the nightmares and pleasantries
I take my journey
Through the minds of small children
Adults, doctors, teachers
And even attorneys

I go by unnoticed
Not stirring the plot
Dreams are not to be screwed with
And if you believe otherwise
You're just a stupid twat

I don't know why
I bother to explain this
Because it doesn't stop me
Of seeing a girl
Dream her first kiss

Neither does it stall
The dreams of the boys
Having their thoughts
Of having women
As their fantasy toys

I sometimes wander
Through the minds of the sickening
And through it all
It will probably never
Stop me of all this bickering

I also wander through the most innocent
Which brings me to a calm
But I have seen too much
I now hold my sanity
Tightly in my palm

I give you this message
As a warning to all
There are people out there
Dreaming on how
They want you to fall

By Robert Hegan (February 27th 2004)