You didn't seem the least bit nice
I didn't think you cared
All this time
It was as though I wasn't there
But whenever we met and spoke
Didn't think those words could possibly be mine
They sounded like something I wouldn't say
Faced at every turn
I didn't know better anyway
The problem was with you
At least that's what I thought was true

But what if we were parallel?
More alike than we ever knew
Could you have just as easily been me
And could I be you?
So much we shared, I wouldn't have guessed
Without seeing you how I do now
All it took, was that one thing
To make us see somehow

So many lessons, arise from sudden change
You look around, and you realize what you didn't know
That differences can be the same
Once you have the opportunity to show
Who you are inside, and who it turns out I am too
Overcoming prejudices we have against each other
As if everything, had suddenly become new
Guess if you stay together, anything can happen
We can grow past the people we used to be
Make things over, become ourselves again.
And find companionship, you and me


Been through so much, and you're on my side
I don't know if I could have found out on my own
That there is nothing, that compares to this feeling
No matter where we are, we're never alone
I believe there really is, something worthwhile in everyone
You helped me find that out, but no the work's not done
There's still much more to accomplish, if it was only me
I couldn't possibly, I need you now, I see


Parallel, we truly are, parallel
We truly are, parallel, parallel