Will you be there when I need you?
If I call out, will I only hear faint repitions of my words?
Or a blessed answer to my plight?
Will you offer a consolation or understanding words,
Or leave me to fend for myself with your encouragement?
Maybe you're mocking me, and will leave after answering,
Leave me alone without a hope, but instead, doubt.
Following me, matching me, stride for stride
Will you drop back and tire, through no fault of your own,
And is that enough to get me through, believing that you're there,
When you really aren't, does only believing work?
Maybe you'll run away on purpose, leave me in the dark
It's too much to handle, I can probably go on myself, you'd say
Is it going to take long to get through?
Will you start doing it only because you promised me,
And abandon your original reason for fear or boredom
Is this driving us apart, or bringing us together?
Might there be a reason for your closeness, other than our relationship?
Are you getting something out of this that ight aid you?
Will you go away when that something doesn't come anymore?
Do you really want to follow me, or do you have to?
Do I fill a need, or is it a mindless addiction?
Am I a human drug, a living, breathing cigarette?
Or am I just......insecure?