When you see the tree,
Do you think of me?
A gnarled soul
But still beautiful?
A kind friend
But twisted?

Do you think of me,
Like that tree?
Do you think I stand tall?
Stand proud?
Do you think
I can touch the clouds?

I'm arrogant
And show-offey
They say
But I want to be that tree
For just one single day

Without a care in the world . . .
No fear, No enemies . . .

If I could just
Live the life of that tree,
Not worry about past, present, or future
Not worry about history . . .

I could watch the birds come and go
Watch the chicks grow
I could listen to the wind's song
Silent, beautiful, and long . . .

But I don't live the life of the tree
I can't ever be free like the tree
But please tell me . . .

Do you think of me
When you see the tree?