Behind Such Lies
You look into my eyes
But do you see the true me?
The girl, which cannot trust,
Not to her total wanting?
A lost soul without hopes or dreams?
Most likely you see the false girl I am
The one where I am happy
I smile through invisible tears
I laugh to cover my whimpers
Thinking to myself, I know why
Why it is no one sees me
Not the real me anyway
Because no one would truly want to
I have become nothing
My past has been my ruler
That which has now brought me to the end
It has led me to total falsehood
People say they understand
And I believe this could be the case
I know that I am not the only one with lies
Many have had same, if not, worse cases
I understand this to full extent
But times I feel I am alone
The bitterness of cold brings much pain
How much I long to be loved
To hold close a person who knows me
Someone that I can say I love, and am true
One which will help me through life
And never leave me to face the wind again
I look into your eyes and watch
I see much the same as into my own
We are all lost among the numbers
You long to have the same aspirations as myself
In a way, I believe we all do