True Forbidden Love

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If you were to ask me,President Bush's wanting to ban same sex marriages is a sure shot indication that he suddenly hates humanity,but of course,that's just my personal opinion--just like this story just happens to be,but it has to be told anyway.

It had all began in the year 2891,in which President Bush was successful in banning same sex marriages forever--and yet,there were still some humans who were able to fall in love with those of the same sex and make sure that the Global Federation wasn't able to find out.

One of those humans was a beautiful young woman named Megan Cordova,who has arrived in the city of Cleveland,Ohio to start working for her father's technology company and suddenly made eye contact with a female co-worker named Sarah Selby,who also had certain strong feelings for her new friend.

But then,as soon as the workday at the technology plant has ended and all of the employees had gone home to be with their loved ones,both Megan and Sarah had walked into the parking garage,looked around to make sure that there was no one else around and placed themselves into Sarah's minivan.

And then,after she had closed the drapes on the minivan windows and they both had removed all of their clothes,Megan has placed herself on top of Sarah and they both had began kissing each other ever so passionately on the lips and carressing each and every part of their nude bodies.

And even though it was forbidden to have a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex,both Megan and Sarah were enjoying one of the most erotic moments in the history of the entire human race.

But then suddenly,a trio of Global Federation security officers had forced open the minivan's rear doors,grabbed each of the female lovers by the arm and dragged them over to a waiting transport unit.

And after both Megan and Sarah were placed into the transport unit,they were taken to the Global Federation security headquarters,where Megan has been placed in a locked room and Sarah has been dragged kicking and screaming into a room that resembled an operating room in any hospital within the United States.

Meanwhile,inside the locked room,Megan was pacing back and forth and allowing some tears to run down her cheeks,for she had no idea of what was actually happening to her newfound lover.

Just then,after the door was finally unlocked and Megan's father had walked into the room,a teary eyed Megan had ran over to her father,wrapped her arms around him and told him that she was sorry for causing him so much trouble with Sarah.

And of course,that was when he had told Megan that she was no longer going to worry about that anymore.

And when she had looked at her father with the look of confusion on her face and asked him what he was talking about,he had taken his beloved daughter by the hand and took her out of the room that she was locked in for a long while and over to the operating room,where the doctors had told them that they were successful with the operation on Sarah.

But then,while her father was shaking the doctors' hands and congratulating them on a job well done,Megan had walked over to where Sarah was still sleeping,looked at her newfound lover and screamed bloody murder,for the doctors had surgically changed poor Sarah from a female to a male.

And after he had ran over to his weeping daughter and placed his gentle hands on her shoulders,he had told her that it had to be done,in order to make sure that they would never have same sex intercourse ever again.

But after she had heard that,an angry Megan had smacked her own father across the face and asked him why should she be allowed to fall in love with a freak.

And after that,poor heartbroken Megan had ran out of the room in tears,causing her equally heartbroken father to take a deep breath and say these words to himself:"I'm sorry,Megan.You're my little angel and I love you very much.But I've had no choice,but to do so.I'm truly sorry."

This has been both a story of true forbidden love and the possible aftermath of your human hating decision,President Bush.

I hope that you're able to sleep well at night.