Lord's and Lady's Pizzeria

Lord Nesbit: Ahh the Pizzeria. I hope they have my favorite kind of pizza. Mmm-mmm- mmm I love DragonFang Pizza.

Lady Nabisca: (Sarcastically) Oh, you know the never have it, Nesbutthead.

Lord Nesbit: (Whiny) Don't call me that!

Lady Nabisca: Whatever

Lord Nesbit: (Powerfully) I'll make a law demanding that this pizza be the royal pizza.

Henry and Sarah come in Stage Right

Henry: (Out of breath and fast) Lord, my Lord! Two terrible things happened!

Lord Nesbit: What! What happened?!? Is it the Reptile Rebels? Because if it is them I'll strike them so hard-

Henry: (Cuts him off) NO! Nothing like that! It's worse!

Lord Nesbit: How worse?

Henry: Much worse

Lord Nesbit: Is it worse than two earthquakes and a tornado together?

Sarah: Even worse!

Lord Nesbit: Is it worse than two armies of-

Lady Nabisca: (Cuts him off) Just out with them!

Henry and Sarah: (Fast and Dramatic) The Dragon Scale Scroll is MISSING!

Lord Nesbit: (Disbelief) Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!

Lady Nabisca: Say that again.

Sarah: Okay, The Dragon-

Lord Nesbit: (Cuts her off) It was an expression, dummy. (Disbelief) How Wha- Why!?

Henry: We tucked the Dragon Scale Scroll in for bed last night and it wasn't there this morning!

Lord Nesbit: (Glances at Royal Hourglass) It is the first hour in the first afternoon of the first day of the first month of the one thousandth and first year, why didn't anyone tell me this before!?!

Sarah: (Pleadingly) Please my Lord, Henry just found out from his servant who overheard the guards talking at Mid Morning break. It's not his fault.

Henry: Yes my Lord it's not my fault. I swear by the scroll itself.

Lady Nabisca: Don't do that.

Henry: Sorry

Lady Nabisca: Go find the script you two.

Henry and Sarah: Yes my Lady.

Henry and Sarah Leave Stage Right

Lord Nesbit: (Sitting down, rocking) The Scroll is missing. What am I going to do?? What are we going to do?? Can't rule without it. The Scroll is missing. The Scroll is missing. The Scroll..

Lady Nabisca slaps him

Lady Nabisca: Snap out of it! Nesbutthead. (Soft) With the scroll gone you'll actually have to rule but with the state your in you could lend me the power to rule until the Scroll is found.

Lord Nesbit: (Defiantly) Never! And don't call me Nesbutthead. A woman can never rule our precious kingdom. Not even better than my mediocre attempts of so-called ruling.

Lady Nabisca: I can rule way better than what you are attempting to do. And you're right your ruling is Very mediocre. Henry can rule better than you can! The next peasant on the street that goes by can rule better. Let me lead our kingdom ahead in this time of crisis if only you lend my your power. Lord Nesbit: Our Kingdom. our kingdom? (Disbelief) Am I already having hearing loss or did you just say that it's our kingdom.

Land Nabisca: You heard me right the first time.

Lord Nesbit: (Listing with his fingers) First of all, if a woman starts ruling this kingdom, there would be worse turmoil than this. Second of all, this is My kingdom, not ours. Third of all, (Whiny) Stop calling me Nesbutthead!

Lady Nabisca: I have one word for you: Nesbutthead.

Lord Nesbit: I order you to stop!

Lady Nabisca: You said it your self that you can't rule this place, what makes you so sure that you can rule me let alone any of the other wives that you may be having hidden under the bed?

Lord Nesbit: (Enraged) I don't have any women under the bed!! How dare you mock me like this!! I'll have you hanged so fast that-

Lady Nabisca: I'd like to see you try! You have no rule over this kingdom or me. The only reason Henry follows your orders, is because I pay him to. (Pleadingly) Just sign the power over to me and I won't tell anyone about this (uses ditto fingers) little conversation.

Lord Nesbit: (Looks at Lady for a while) Oh all right. You win. If the Scroll is not found tonight, then I'll sign power over to you at midnight. (Extends Hand) Shake?

Lady Shakes Hands with Lord

Lady Nabisca: (happy) It's a deal.

Henry and Sarah come in overjoyed from Stage Left

Henry and Sarah: Lord, my Lord and Lady. We found it! Oh happy day! We found the Dragon Scale Scroll. Woohoo! We found it!

Lady Nabisca: (to herself) Dang! I thought I was going to rule since I just put the Scroll under the stone under its bed. (Out loud) Good Job you two. You'll be reward generously tonight at the banquet.

Lord Nesbit: Yes good job. Where was it?

Henry: It was under the stone.

Sarah: That was under its bed. Lord Nesbit: Tell the courts that we'll be having a banquet in your honors. But you'll still have to organize it.

Henry and Sarah: Yes my lord. Thank you.

They exit Stage Right

Lord Nesbit: I'll see you at the banquet my lady.

Lady Nabisca: (Fake) Yes, at the banquet.

Lord Nesbit: Till then.

He exits Stage Left.

Lady Nabisca: Yes till then. You better watch what your eating Nesbutthead. It might have some poison in it. (Laughs Evilly)

Exit Stage Right

The End.