I'm not who I used to be
I'm not everything I wanted to be
I don't care about love
I don't care to be loved
I don't need any romance
I don't need any sympathy
My morals have changed
I have no empathy
I no longer look forward to the next day
I'd rather not live
I'm unfocused
I'm confused
I want some things to go back
Back to the way they used to be
I don't need somebody beside me
There are other ways for me to be happy
I don't need compassion
I don't care if I sin
I don't care about religion
I don't care for the country
My family is never there for me
No one understands me
This is the life I lead
I don't need anyone
I can make it on my own
I look forward to death
The darkness will surround me
I will finally be free