She lay curled up in a ball on the bed, holding her knees tightly up under her chin, as though doing so would keep her safe from Barry. Barry was a monster. So much older than seventeen year old Carrie, she had been literally tricked into being with him, and in spite of her various attempts to get away from him, she had always come back to him in the end. After all, she had nowhere else to go. His cruel words played through her head, and she wanted to scream, cry, do anything, but she couldn't make a sound. Barry had her right where he wanted her, small and scared and alone. He knew he could win, he always knew it, and that's why he was never afraid of forcing his own way upon her.

Carrie remembered how sweet and loving Barry had seemed when she first met him. He had wanted to listen to her and talk to her, which was something people of her own age didn't want to do. Carrie had no idea things would end up the way they did, otherwise she would have run as fast as she could whilst she still had the chance.

"Long lost words whisper slowly to me,
Still can't find what keeps me here,
When all this time i've been so hollow inside,
I know you're still there."

Barry stood in the bathroom, and grinned at himself in the mirror. Two rows of yellow teeth were revealed, and he laughed, a sick laugh, knowing that he was about to gain pleasure from someone else's pain.

"Are you ready for me Carrie?" He called, putting on his little-boy voice, even though he knew Carrie would not be fooled for a second. When Carrie didn't say anything, he smirked at his own reflection again, feeling big and important. Who cares about Carrie getting hurt? It's Barry that matters in the end. That's what Barry told himself over and over, and there were never any feelings of guilt because of this.

"Watching me wanting me,
I can feel you pull me down,
Fearing you loving you,
I won't let you pull me down."

"Don't hurt me again... please..." Carrie begged, as Barry arrived in the room again, dressed only in a small dressing gown, which he immediately dropped on the floor.

"Shut up, bitch," Barry hissed, and Carrie stood, attempting to run away. Quick as a flash, Barry grabbed her wrist, flinging her roughly back onto the bed again. She cried out in pain, and he let go of her wrist, laughing again, cruely.

"Why don't you care about me anymore?" Carrie sniffed, unable to stop herself from sobbing, both from fear and misery.

"I never cared about you to start with, you stupid slut." Barry shouted, and he launched himself on top of her, smothering her with his overweight, heavy body. He put a hand over her mouth as he forced himself into her, and she tried to scream but she couldn't. Barry won again. Barry always won.

"Hunting you i can smell you - alive,
Your heart pounding in my head.
Watching me wanting me,
I can feel you pull me down,
Saving me, raping me,
Watching me."


The lyrics in this songfic are from "Haunted" by Evanescence.