A/N:  This came to me at work; and I just now got it out.  There is some strong language; and the slight hint of violence.  Hope you like this; and enjoy!! ^^ Figured it was time to stick more poetry up here anyway.  ^-^

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…"We all gonna die, but I'm not gonna fry
Even though most never try.
I'm not gonna let this pass me bye, no.

This is our world! This is our world! This is our world!
This is our world! This is our world! This is our world!

We're not sorry if we tricked you!
We don't care what happens now.
We're not sorry if we tricked you!
We swing our hatchets and we're proud.
We're not sorry if we tricked you!
Painted faces in the crowd.
We're not sorry if we tricked you!
The Carnival will carry on…"

~Insane Clown Posse

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You are you, and I am me

Trapped in a world of so-called 'equality'

A life of pain, and a path of fear

A tremor in our hearts that grow

With every passing year

A living corpse without a soul

And spirits just to play the role

Bound here by the heartaches and strife

And all the mistakes that we made in our mortal life

Not too different, you and me

In a little Tilt-a-Whirl in which we call 'life'

Where we're bound to never be free

You point and stare

And act as if you do not care

But when all odds are against you

You act as if no one has ever been there

What's been your problem?

What did we ever do wrong?

It seems as if you've never liked us

For reasons beyond us all along

The truth is, we're all equal

May you be a being of the living, or dead

"Treat us with respect, and you will be given the same"

Is the motto that we've always said

But when you break our creed of life

You'd better run and hide

As revenge to us is nothing

But just a type of given joy inside

You are not much different

You too have faced your difficult years

The sun sets in both of our skies

And at night, I'm sure you've still shed tears

You think you're so strong

That nothing will ever break you

Well, I've got some news, and it may not be pretty

But, sit your ass down, and shut the hell up

Listen carefully until we're through

We don't care if you like us

Hey, tell us that we suck

Don't go trying to kiss our ass

Bitch, we don't give a fuck!

The truth is we have FRIENDS!

Those that always stand behind us

They are our lifelines

They take away the pain

Even when our darkness finds us

You may not be so lucky

To have such treasures beyond silver and gold

And even though you hate us

We'd gladly take you down that road

You see, we're not one to be heartless

Though we seek the sweet blood of revenge

Your words do not hurt us

As again, we have our friends

Our allies keep us strong

As we live on for other days

Society might have made us rivals

But, you're the one that pays

So, if you're wondering what's behind this corpse
What brings it to live on?

It ain't the money, the job, the summer evenings

Or refreshing springtime showers

Our little Carnival carries on

Through eternal, bigger powers

These powers lead us away

Leaves our pain and tears astray

The truth is, we follow FRIENDS

And in return, we stand right by them

The Powers of Light are FRIENDS

And someday, I hope you find them…

~*~Dedicated to every sweet friend that has stood by us~*~

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