KK: ^___^ ANOTHER Story dedicated to one of my best buddies in da whole wide world...

ANEKO! ^_^ Hehe...

This is a love story about a man and his love for his blender. A story about how far this man will go to get his loved... thing... back, and how far he is willing to risk his own life to get his blender back from the evil lurking depths of the earth that has ripped him and his loved blender apart...

This is his story...


It was a crisp, white December evening when something beautiful happened.

Shawn got his blender.

He eagerly sat on the couch and ripped open the box containing the blender as if his life depended on it. When Shawn eventually got the blender out of the box, he quickly set the object in the kitchen. The blender gleamed proudly on the shiney counter.

Determined to make use of his blender as quickly as possible, Shawn went to work on making chocolate milkshakes for Rebecca and her friend. And, of course, one for himself. While the chocolate ice cream and milk whirled around the blender Shawn told Rebecca and her friend a story.

"You know," He began. "My mom used to have a blender. I loved it. As soon as I was 18 and on my own I was determined to get one. I never succeeded, until now."

Not noticing Rebecca's and her friends slightly inching away, he poured the contents of the blender into three cups. Setting two of them on the table the two girls were sitting.

After successfully making something with his precious blender, he proceeded to wash it. After a while of talking with the two girls more about how much he loved his blender Rebecca's friend added, "Uh-oh, I think he might start singing to his blender..."

And he did just that, making the song "Old Macdonald" morph into a song about blenders.

Rebecca and her friend inched away more.

Shawn didn't care. He loved his blender, with it he was whole, one hundred percent complete. And nobody could take that away from him.

It wasn't until March 15th, 2004 when everything in his life was turned upside down.

Shawn was taking a hike in the wilderness, carrying along his blender like a child. Through the past months, Shawn had become very attached to his blender. Taking it along with him everywhere he went. Sure, everyone he knew was a little worried about him, he WAS carrying an innominate object around everywhere with him. But the blender was more to him than that. Shawn felt he had made a connection with the blender. He felt he could talk about everything to it. Every dream, every hope, every fear... It was kinda creepy...

But, sadly, Shawn realized no one would be able to understand him, nobody SANE anyways...

Shawn sat on a rock on the top of a hill, overlooking the wilderness behind him. Shawn set his blender beside him, letting it take in the wonderful view to.

An eagle, two meters away and five meters up watched the shiney object from a tree. With a mighty flap of it's wings, the eagle swooped down and picked up the blender with it's mighty talons and started to fly away.

Shawn saw it happen so fast. One moment he was talking to his blender about the laws of gravity, the next a huge, heartless being was flying away with it. He acted fast and grabbed the blender, still in the bird's grip, and clung onto dear life. There was no way THIS heartless THING was going to get away with he precious blender! The eagle gave a struggle, and so did Shawn. But in the end, wits won, and the bird flew away with the blender.

Shawn stared at the bird and the blender fly away towards the sunset until they were but a speck in the sky. 'This can't be happening!' he told himself over and over. Shawn's life was perfect, just a mere minute ago, but now all was ruined. He sank to his knees.

"It's gone..." Shawn said quietly. "My blender... My beautiful blender." He buried his head in his hands and stayed in that position forever, never moving.

That is, until his knees started hurting like hell.

Shawn entered the house he lived in, by looking into his eyes you could tell something was wrong. He sat on the couch and stared blankly at the black T.V. screen.

"What's wrong?" Rebecca said quietly, sitting next to Shawn.

"It's gone..." Shawn said just as quietly.


"Not who. What!"

"Okay, what?"

"My blender..."



At this Rebecca was silent. Once again Shawn buried his head in his hands. "I should've taken more pictures..." Rebecca was confused. "Pictures?" She asked.

Shawn didn't reply, he just pulled out a huge photo album and handed it to her.

Rebecca looked though it. Picture after picture of Shawn and his blender. At the beach, riding a roller coaster, eating ice cream, dancing... Shawn had more issues then she had once thought...

"I'm gonna go make you some... Milkshake..." she said.

At this Shawn buried his head in his hands and didn't move, mumbling things like;

"Oh Blenny, why did you have to leave me?"

Rebecca patted him on the shoulder. "It's gonna be ok..."

" I said I loved Benny," he said loudly. "But I didn't say I was *IN* love with Benny!"

Rebecca: (((O_________________O)))

Rebecca slowly backed out of the room and didn't return.

When Shawn was sure she had left the room, he picked up the photo album and flipped though it, remembering precious flooding back to him.

~*~ Time, where did you go? Why did you leave me here, alone? Wait, don't go so fast! I'm missin' the moments I sprinted fast. ~*~

It was about 1 AM when Shawn made his decision. He was going to get back his blender, no matter what the cost. He was willing to go to the depths of hell to get back the thing he loved.

A new dawn raised, and a new journey began for Shawn as he packed a single backpack and set out towards the sun rise. 'I will find you Blenny' thought Shawn.

~*~Now, this is my time, and I'm gonna make this moment last...

I shouldn't have wasted those days.~*~

End of chapter one! O_O