My Reject Box

By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Alan Clinton and I've working for Marvel Comics for a period of over six years as of this very day,which is February the 27th and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Well,almost every minute of it,for there was still one thing that was missing in my life--and that was there was no one to share my life with.

But that was before one particular Friday morning,in which I've reported to work at 8:28 AM and accidently bumped into one of the new interns,who had fallen down to the floor as a result of the accident.

Just then,as soon as I had reached down to help the intern get back on her feet,my eyes had suddenly grown as wide as saucers,for she just happens to be as beautiful as one of the Avengers,the Scarlet Witch herself.

Her name is Barbara Larkin and she was also helpful in pointing out what types of superheroes our readers would really want to read.

As a matter of fact,she had looked into my reject box and found one of my earlier failures,a story starring a character named Simon Samson--and after she had finished reading it and turned towards me,she had asked me why did I ever put something that good inside my reject box.

A few months later,after the first issue of Simon Samson has sold a whole lot of copies,I've sat down next to Barbara,placed my hand on top of her's and asked her to marry me and become my loving bride.

Which was what had happened,for it is now a year later and we(as in Alan and Barbara Clinton)have been happily married ever since.