Hi everyone this is my first post here. I have won a few awards on some
poetry but it is all for fun ect. So here it goes for all of you. ( I think
I have had better, but yeah.

Loss of a Pet
By baby-gurl88
Life, Death, and Rebirth
We all sit at one big hearth
gone to heaven
at age seven

Remember him well
only time will tell
if when the day comes
he will be in the sums

Moms and Dads
lost what they had
Just to gain anew
this time joined by two

Unknown to man
see what you can
rainbows bridge waits for you
beloved pets you see that's who

Cats, dogs, mice, rabbits
they know all your habits
you lost them once upon a time
and will find them with your life chime

You see this seven
who went to heaven
who was a friend
'till the end

His name we'll miss
he said good-bye with a kiss
he loves you
and knows you do too