He Gave it All
27 February 2004
11:50 P.M.

Blood flows down his face
As he wears his crown of thorns
Ever fiber of his body laced
With excruciating, mind-consuming pain
The cat o' nine tears pieces of skin
As he presses on, endures it all
He is focused upon the forgiveness of sins
And his task that still lies ahead
He is nailed to the cross, his death
He looks out over the people
And he shouts with his last breath
'Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.'
He was born to die for others
He walked among the poor,
He called us his sisters and brothers
He fed the hungry; he freed the oppressed
For love's sake he came to this place
He touched the lives of many
He showed us mercy and grace
For love's sake He became poor.
God sacrificed his only Son
He bore our cross to save our sins
He gave it all and is the One
Who day by day, gives it all again.