Sector 59
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the 28th of February,when I've met
This one unusual guy who was suppossed to have met
Someone by the name of Doctor Stephen Barrett,in order
To discuss the progress of an experiment deep inside Sector
59--at least,that's what I was able to bet.

He had told me that his name was Professor James
Vemmer and he's acting like he's new to the game,
But he was actually a seasoned pro in the whole
Entire game of Government espionage and acted in the role
Of a newcomer with quite a totally brand new name.

But before I was about to ask him what his
Real name was,someone had shot him right in his
Head and killed him right where he was sitting at
And took off from the scene like a large rat.
Believe me,there was never a day quite like this.

Anyway,after the cops had taken the dead body away,
I've decided that whoever done it is going to pay
Big time.And so,after I've gotten the address from
A truly reliable snitch who was known as James Crom,
I've drove myself over to the airport and its runways.

And after I've removed a covering from one of those
Runways,I saw something that was truly about to pose
As a threat to all of humanity,for several poison
Chemical filled barrels were inside that hole for one reason:
To strike fear into innocent millions--that's what I suppose.