Road to Nowhere

I'd heard that
"It doesn't end,
It just doesn't go anywhere"
There I was, staring at the sign
The sign that read in bold black letters
The sign that pointed down an unpaved road
Stretching somewhere beyond the horizon
But alas, my imagination
Got ahead of me again
And so my journey began
Along the desolate, overgrown road
The sky was clear, the trees green
The midday sun welcomed me
There were some sharp stones
Some dips in the road
Sometimes I grew tired
Others I was alive and full in spirit
I could touch the silvery clouds above
I felt wild and free
The road went on, forever reaching
For the sacred place
Where earth meets sky
Where it ended, I didn't know
I possibly wasn't supposed to
Yet the journey's been worthwhile
It still has not ended
The road is all mine, I'm the one to go
Down the path heaven has sent.