He's constantly calling me

I just want to be free

Never a moment to be alone

Dozens of text messages on my phone...


Doesn't understand what 'no' stands for

Won't go away, calls me his dirty whore.

Where are these fabricated stories coming from?

I've never even kissed him, is he so dumb?


Won't leave me alone, I'm getting scared

I'm not sure how to tell him that I never cared...

But I never led him to think otherwise...

So why is he telling everyone all these lies?


Never gave him my number, but he has it

Never gave him my e-mail, but he's used it.

Never mentioned what school I went to but he's been there...

I never gave him my address but I'm still scared...


I can't get him to go away

No matter what I say

Everywhere I turn, he there

I just want to be alone, this isn't fair.


I never asked for him to start calling me

I sure have told him to stop repeatedly

Never sure if he'll be there when I am

Never sure if I'm alone where I am...


All my privacy invaded by his thoughts

No sense of protection when he flaunts

All that he knows about me, I've never told him

I'm frightened all the time, my patience wearing thin.

*Fed Up*

I'm going to call the cops if he won't quit

I'm sick and tired of his relentless bullshit

I told him time and time again that I was taken

But he still seems to think that I was mistaken...


At a party with a were there

I thought I'd ignore you, but you just stared

At me the whole time, I felt so violated by you

Then you tried to come on to me, what was I to do?


'No' means no, regardless of what you say

You try to touch me like that again and you'll never see the light of day

So sick of all this never-ending immaturity

How you always try to strip me of my purity.


Go to hell! You  friggin SOB

Stop calling, stalking, looking at me!

I'm sick of you, you know that?

I'm not taking anymore of this crap!


The cops caught you, didn't they?

You wouldn't listen, now you'll pay.

You can't treat a girl the way you treated me

Maybe after you're locked away, you'll see.


Tainted Muse