Cold steel bites the night air
Gleaming in the pale moon light
Held in a sweaty palm
Moving towards his victim silently
Plunging the cold steel in my back
I feel the harsh stab of betrayal
Rob me of the life I have
Falling slowly to my knees
Eyes filling with tears
Blood dripping to the floor
I see your face
You're everyone I thought I could trust
Opening my mouth in a silent scream
Watching your lips curl into a smile
Throwing a black rose to the ground
You laugh at my pain
Pushing the knife further into my back
Breaking my heart
Turning your back on me
Walking away into the darkness
Leaving me on my own
Slowly dying by your hand
I never expected it to end
Like this, alone, and on my own
Sprawled on the floor
Blood oozing from my mouth
Pooling around the black rose
The blackness overtakes my eyes
I die, confused and heartbroken
Why did I deserve such a fate?