"The battle between good and evil"
Everyday Good and Evil fight in my mind on my own battlefield
Against Evil moral is my only shield
I have to choose who is right and who is wrong
They each try to convince me with their own little song

Evil sings if you only choose me
You can break any rules and be totally free
You can even rule the world
And have the devotion of every boy and girl

From the back the voice of Good cries
Don't listen to him, he only knows betrayal and lies

Good sings if you only choose me
You will be genuinely happy
If you are helpful and kind
Deep in your heart love for others you will find

Evil interjects with me there will be greed, power, and money
But helping others makes you feel warm and sunny
Enough already, good you win
Evil I have beaten my demons within
Evil shouts tomorrow you will fall for my lies and my tricks
Tomorrow you'll see it will be me that you pick!
Good comforts don't worry my child I will always be there
Remember me, I'm compassion and care

Tomorrow again good and evil will fight
I hope I have the strength to choose the path that is right