Flashing neon advertisements
Sell your soul for libido
In extravagant phenomena land
I've got me holocaust pulp
I'd rather watch sports all day
Than contemplate political affairs
President says we goin' to war
I wave my flag, say I don't care
I entrust my fate to entertainment
Macho testosterone music
And strumpet women galore!
I'll dance until my legs go weary
My body fatigued with social drugs
I'll laugh and merely proclaim
I've got my holocaust pulp
If some political junky came a wrapping at my door
Enlightened me with high holy ideology
I'd dismiss his existence, call him a faggot
Say, "Liberate someone other than me!"
But wait!.
Terrorist attacks, senseless bloodshed
Bravado hurt, my America has been encroached
Let's liberate the wrongdoers
We have vast amounts of reason and they don't
Scoff the liberals
Fuck my objective
Compared to them I'm not so naïve
Just pop the question and
I'll say, "Yeah, I'm all for peace."
Blind me with your mendacity
Make me righteous with your spirits
Give me purpose, give me freedom
Let me marvel it in your propaganda
And we dance and we laugh
And we dance and we laugh
And we dance and we laugh
To the holocaust pulp!
Is awareness not knowing baseball players?
Is capriciousness failing to worship the flag?
Is my existence meant to change the world?
I think not
I've got holocaust pulp