By:Andrew Troy Keller

A young aspiring actor named Michael Nicholson had arrived in the city of Los Angeles,California to try to break his way into show business by going to each and

every audition until he gets a part in either a movie or TV show that was still in production.

But no matter how many auditions he had gone to,nor how hard he had tried to get it his best performance,poor Michael was never able to get even a bit part in a Charmin toliet paper commercial.

And then,just as he was about to give up and go back home to the small college town of Berea,Ohio,one of Michael's newfound friends had suggested that he should

try to audition for a part on the hit HBO series entitled Sex And The City.

And then,after he had thought about it,Michael has decided to follow his buddy's advice and go try out for a part on the HBO series,only to discover that the show's producers were no longer holding any auditions,because the show was on it's final season--and this news has caused Michael to admit that he was unable to find any acting jobs in Tinseltown.

But then,as soon as he was about walk out of the show's casting offices,Michael had suddenly bumped into someone who was walking the other way,causing her to fall down to the floor.

And then,after he had reached down to help her get back on her feet,the look on his face had changed to that of pure joy,for the person who he had accidently knocked down was none other than one of the show's stars,Kristin Davis,who had played Charlotte York,one of his favorite characters in the series.

And after he had helped her get back up and told her the reason of why he was at the show's casting offices,the actress had felt so sorry for him that she had invited him to have lunch with her.

And then,after he had realized how nice she really was,a smiling Michael has accepted Kristin's invitation and joined her for lunch.

A few minutes later,at a nearby chinese restaurant,while they were enjoying their meal of Sweet and Sour Chicken,Michael had placed his hand on top of Kristin's--and after they had looked at each other's eyes for about a minute or two,both Michael and Kristin had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Sometime later,after they had left the restaurant and went over to her place,the two newfound lovers had walked into the bedroom and removed all of their clothes.

And then,after they had placed their nude bodies on the bed,they had started to kiss and touch all over each other and having the most erotic experience in L.A. history.

The next day,both Michael Nicholson and Kristin Davis had gone to an audition for a new SHOWTIME series--and had each finally gotten a role in the network's newest soon to be hit series entitled The Ripley Files,which is due to premiere in March of 2004.