Gee, I love myself as a kid. Don't know why. I think we all do.

When you Grow up, Remember 2

Remember our wish?

The gleeful giggle, the wide spread arms
The envious glances at the sky
Where sparrows flew?

Remember the wind?

The small little girl
Black hair tossing and unfurling
Huffing and puffing, short legs sprinting
Trying to catch the wind?

Remember that old wrinkled face?

An old smile which seemed so beautiful
Tipping the head up just too see;
The owner of that trustful hand
Looking down
How safe and stable it felt
As if I was holding onto a mountain?

Remember the unicorn?

The one who rides by your window
During long train rides
Knees aching due to hard plastic seats
Nose pressed against the glass
Waving at the magical unicorn no other eye could see?

When you feel caged
In those fashionable trends and that cake of make up
And those wobbly high heels
And that too- tight skirt making it hard to sit
Its time to throw on that pair of old jeans
Grab the hairbrush
Stand before the mirror
And pretend to be a rock star all over again. =)