I hate the war. The idea of suffering. The pollution, the dying children,
the isolated old, the hidden politics.
And yet, I cannot bear to hate man-kind. How ironic. =b

Something Funny

There is something very funny
About this world
I wonder if you noticed
You probably already did
And thought the same thing
And yet that is how funny it can be
For though you thought the same thing
And went by the same conscience
And considered the same path
We still think we are different

This is the most obvious one;
I am sure you do agree
That you fear to be alone
Well, I fear loneliness too
And so does the world
Why then is there still neglect
And lonely old people
Shut away in nursing homes
And criminals
Kept behind bars
And children
In orphanages or street corners
And old hags
Clutching yesterday's spoiled bread
And men
Dying in some arranged war

We all think of the same morals
And yet so few reach out for others
And so many wait to be reached instead
I am sure you have also noted
That there is something very funny
About this world