This wish is probably universal. To fall in love and be loved. I made this
wish while looking at shooting stars. Erm. don't think I am always this
mushy and aching for love though. Heh, I am not that desperate yet. =)

Who are you?

I think you brushed past me
And in that instant I knew
You must be the one I have been waiting for
So I turn hastily to call you
But you disappeared into the crowd
Later on I started having delusions
I think I knew your name
And it seemed so sure
You said you cared for me
You mentioned that in your eyes
( Was it brown? Or green?)
And so I held out my hand
Awaiting yours in mine
Then again that image vanished
Into another mid summer's dream
When happiness soared through me
In a flash I thought I saw you
Then you were gone again